Thursday, January 6, 2011

YA or Adult

Wild Fire started off as a YA book. YA have really taken off, and for those of us that like more story, less steamy, it's been a relief. The downside? Sometimes the author can go a little overboard on the teen drama. There are almost always triangle relationships where the MC must choose who they want to be with between two love interests. I read a lot of YA these days, the latest being Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (great read) but have been caught up in some more mature books since that read.

I had been posting a few chapters of WF up on, but after a while language and violence got a little much for YA. I started to worry that I had gone overboard, but it worked with the story. So I took down the chapters from Inkpop, and decided to make WF an adult book. Now everyone I talk to wants me to put in a steamy scene. I have been dragging my heels on that. I don't do sexy. I'm not sexy, so how do I write it?
This morning I woke with the urge to take out the more graphic content, and go back to the YA genre. I'm still debating on which genre I think WF will succeed in. I hate making decisions…



  1. A hard decision... I am exclusively YA because what I love to write is the coming of age novel, and that is definitely the huge appeal of YA... but I love reading all sorts of books, so I am unbiased when it comes to reading!

    I'm dying to read Paranormalcy! I've heard wonderful things about it!

  2. Paranormalcy was wonderful! I loved the new spin she put on the supernatural world.
    I enjoy the coming of age stories as well, and my MC is trying to figure out who and what she is, so I think it would fit wonderfully into YA if I could maintain control of the language and violence... It's hard to tell at times when it's just too much. It's not like the story is filled with blood guts, gore, and a bad mouth, in fact it's fairly clean. There are just instances where I think "would I allow a teen to read this?"