Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writing Ninjas

A while back I had the pleasure of meeting Ali Cross in a TPR session where we swapped blogs and Twitter. She is an amazingly determined writer that can pound out an ungodly word count each day (I'm insanely jealous).
Ninja I doodled corresponding with my current belt rank.
About a week ago I was blog hoppin when I ran across something on her blog that caught my attention. Ninjas. How cool are ninjas! I even have the ninja job in Final Fantasy XI that I love to play just to smack things around. And in the Ninjas vs Pirates debate, ninjas totally rule.
Ali's ninjas are different. Her ninjas are writing ninjas! She developed The Dojo to be a lot like nanowrimo, but has added on to the concept. For one, it can be any month of the year. Next she adds different ninja classes depending on what you are doing with your writing.
Writing- ninowrimo
Revising- ninoremo
Query- ninoqumo
Every class can be followed on twitter with it's own hashtag.
On Thursday of every week, Ali hosts a chat at the dojo for all the ninjas to meet, greet, and tell how they are doing on their goals.
Ali has developed a fabulous writing group that grows bigger every week, and they are all so supportive to their fellow ninjas.
I just want to thank them all for the warm welcome into their dojo, and say what an honor it is to write alongside them. *bows*


  1. YAY, Amy!! How fun! But I ... I'm a pirate gal. Oh yes, I am! :D

  2. Oh you dirty pirate! Seems we are gonna have a rivalry lol :P

  3. I agree. Ninjas definitely beat pirates! And Ali is awesome! (I wasn't going for an alliteration, but there you go.)

    Doodle? Man, I wish I could *doodle* that well. You're obviously a woman of many talents!

  4. I'm glad you like it Nisa :D you may be seeing more of it and possibly other works in the near future *wink*

  5. I totally agree, Amy. I love Ali's ninja concept for writing. I have to say, your doodle is great! Very fitting with the whole ninja concept. Hope to meet up with you next Thursday on Ali's site.

  6. Aw, thanks for this awesome post, Amy! And as everyone will soon discover, I fell in love with Amy's "doodle" and she's now a part of the dojo team! Huzzah!

    And Amy, I had to show my hubby your awesome artwork (self-portrait) here on your site. He's been teaching himself how to do manga and I love YOURS. He says it's "fusion" style, lol. Well whatever it is I love, love, love it! I love it's almost-classic-American-comic style plus a bit of that menga style. Just love, love, love it!

    So excited to have you on my team!

    And thanks for the great comments here too, guys!

  7. Ah! A fan of manga! I started when I was hooked on gundam wing and sailor moon (don't hate sailor moon, it's better than any soap), and then I continued in my free time when I was in the military. Eventually, I started on graphics. If there's a tutorial on the net about it, I can master it :)Fusion style is sort of like a mix between traditional manga and American comic.
    I'm stoked to be a part of the team Ali! Really am!