Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blogfest for gamers

Finally! A blogfest I feel comfortable participating in. This one is called It's All Fun & Games Blogfest hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh and I am to list three of my favorite games and why.
So let's get this nerdy party started!
When I was a little girl a friend of my dad's gave me a Nintendo (the old ones that you had to blow in the cartridge when it wouldn’t work) and some games. My favorite of course was Mario. I played the game for hours until I got frustrated at dying and went outside to go about my tomboy ways.

When I got older I got my first gameboy (the brick that ate batteries for breakfast.)  Again I started with Mario, but soon became obssessed with Pokemon. Yes, I said it. I'm a poke geek. I still am. I don't know what it is about those cute little pets, but I have played nearly every version that has come out. 

Saving the best for last, Final Fantasy XI, an MMORPG, is my absolute favorite. You're probably wondering what gibberish I'm talking. FFXI is an online game. You have a character that you level, and can have several jobs on this character. When leveling you party with other players to beat monsters. As you level you can do missions, and quests, or you can acquire better equipment. I've played off and on for the past nine years, and find that every time I leave the game grows. They are always adding content, so you are never really done. I love this game the most because of my friends.
The three amigos. My best friends and me.
When I was in the military, my friends and I would play daily. Now I play only to unwind. It helps me to think, to relax, and even helps my writing.
So there ya go. My three favorite games.What are some of your favorite games?


  1. So interesting. I think I might have gotten sucked into these games had I been exposed a lot younger. When I was a kid all there was was that boring tennis thing you could hook up to your TV,Then Space Invaders...I just missed it!

  2. I think Game Boy changed family dynamics for the better - especially when it comes to vacation. I'd have a lot less scars on my body if we had Game Boys on our road trips. Instead, my sister and I just fought the whole time. :)

  3. Gameboy actually brought my brother and me closer. Instead of fighting in real life, we did poke'battles. We spent a lot more time together while we played.

  4. Geek girls are cool!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  5. If my hands were still good, I'd give this game a try. It looks fun. My stepson used to play it all the time.

  6. Wonder why they were all grey plastic?

  7. Ha! Fun picks! My sons were Mario and Luigi once for Halloween! They looked so cute in their mustaches!

  8. I was actually decent at the old old nintendo, my skills have gone down hill with each new gaming system

  9. I could never understand or get into Pokemon, except to know that I went through a small fortune with my kids on the collector cards.

    Like your "I'm not all there" intro. It's got "author" written all over it.

    Good luck in your career!

  10. I've played a lot of the FF games but not that one. It sounds like I would really enjoy it though!