Saturday, August 6, 2011


Can it be? My first high school reunion is next year? Dare I go? I'm not sure. I wasn't very popular in school. In fact, I was bullied and looked down on since elementary school. I wasn't weird, I was different. I wasn't stuck up, I was shy. No, I never had intentions of blowing up the school for those of you who actually asked. People now find my geekiness part of my charm. My bookworminess helps me in my writing.

School was tough for me. Only a handful of people befriended me, and of those only three truly understood me. It was easy for people to bully me both physically and verbally simply because I wasn't like them. They took advantage of my kindness, and made my days miserable. So why should I go to my reunion?

So that I can show them that I forgive them for how they mistreated me and many others simply because we didn't conform to some unspoken rule of how we should behave, what activities we should be in, or what clothes we should wear. I'm glad to have been an individual. It's shaped me to be who I am today. I've served my country, and have been around the world. I've made a family of my military brothers, and lived life to its fullest. I've dreamed big, and put that dream into words. I'm a mother to the two most wonderful kids, and a proud wife to a military man who continually gives up time with his family to serve overseas. I am proud of who I am!

Were you a bully, or were you bullied? Where did you stand on the social ladder? How did your time in school shape you into the person you are today? I'm curious! Leave a comment below or a link to a blog post about your school years.




  1. What a bummer. I was bullied throughout jr. high. I was quite awkward, plus my parents were going through a terrible divorce, and I was pretty depressed. Somehow, I made it through, and then had an easier time in high school. I befriended people who didn't fit in, and we had a ragamuffin kind of group. Everyone was good at their own thing. It made me able to put myself in other people's shoes, and I can't stand bullies. I went on to work with abused teenage girls. (after I had a great experience in college--definitely higher up (but also kinda removed from) the social food chain. I hate anything remotely clique-y)

    My son's best friend is now going through this, to the point where his parents pulled him out of school at the end of 6th grade, and he now will be attending a private school. And our school district has a no-nonsense policy about bullying. Supposedly. Truthfully, things don't seem all that different.

    Kids can be ruthless.

  2. No doubt kids are brutal to each other, HK. I hate to hear that your sons friend is having so much trouble! It's just terrible.