Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IWSG: Insecure Writers Support Group

This is the first time I've posted for the IWSG hosted byAlex J. Cavanaugh, and the first time I have posted on my blog in a long while, but I certainly could use the therapy.

My biggest insecurity, and that of any writer I would guess, is that I will finally get my book published, only to have it fail miserably. I’m terrified no one will like it. Perhaps this is the true reason when I sit down to work on my rewrites my brain shuts down. Is it my own fear that is getting in the way of me completing this book?
What if I send it out to betas and an editor and they hate it?

I love my book. I love the story and the characters so much I want to live in that world forever, but I fear I may be the only one.

The hardest thing I have done as a writer so far was to find a critique group and submit my writing. The women in my group are brilliant wonderful people with fabulous stories of their own, and I feel so blessed to be a part of their group. They have taught me so much! The advice in their critiques is crucial to my rewrites. Without it I would have no direction. I wouldn't know what to fix, what to cut, and what to add. It’s thanks to them I have made it this far.

But now I am looking at the end of the rewrite tunnel, and the light is blinding and scary as heck. I know what comes next. I have to send it out. I have to share.

I’ll do this. No matter how afraid I am. Even if there is the possibility no one will love it as I do. I will face my fear, because that is what we writers do. We throw ourselves out there. We pray that little piece of our soul will be loved, and welcomed into someone else’s heart. That is a prize that will make it all worthwhile.

What is your biggest fear as a writer? 



  1. I find critique partners do make all the difference in the world. Way to be brave and good luck in sending it out!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  2. Hi Amy, nice to meet you.

    Hard as it is, you just gotta send those hopes and reams out into the universe and let them stand on their own.

  3. Hi,

    I'n stopping by from the group to give you a little encouragement. One of my best pieces advice I have gotten is never give up... you can succeed. Good luck!

  4. I don't have a critique partner and I'm green when I see others who do have them... Good for you :) My fear? I'll publish and no one will like my novel. Nothing special, I'm sure every writer fears the same thing in essence. Best of luck for the month ahead. X

  5. My biggest fear, that because of Amazon Kindle and the E-reader in the year 2112 my book won't be sitting on someone's bookshelf.
    I want what I've written to count, to last, and one day to be appreciated, even if it's 100 years from now!
    Nice to meet you Amy, via the IWSG

  6. I'm not great at looking for critique partners. I'm afraid to be an imposition. Now get that book out there and have a marvelous time -K

  7. Welcome to the IWSG honey! :)

    Being a writer is SCARY!

    I know successful authors who still feel exactly the same as you....will my fans like this new book? What if no one buys this one? I think thats a fear we all have :(

    Have you got a Beta reader? I heard an Agent give a talk a few months ago who said the best Beta reader is someone who isnt a fellow writer. If they LOVE your book, youre onto a winner! ;)

    Good luck honey xx

  8. Oh, I totally get it. ((hugs))

    And I love that you are determined to face your fear. Because of that, you will be successful!

    You're gonna rock it ninja Amy!

  9. Even though you are afraid, you are still determined to see it through and that's what matters. Perseverance is the keyword! Everything of the best!

  10. Hopping over from IWSG! Love your blog template, it's way cute! I totally know how you feel. I constantly worry that while I love my story, what if no one else does and it just sits in my computer? Critiquing has helped tighten up my writing a lot, but it is always kinda worrisome to see what others think.

  11. Amy, a lot of people are going to be excited about your book before it gets to print. Your publisher, line editor, copy editor, the person who designs your cover, the... I'm missing someone. It doesn't matter, it'll be an exhilarating and terrifying time, so my advise, work on making it the best book you can while you're relaxed enough to do it. What's far scarier is when your 2nd book comes out and you're positive it won't measure up to your first.

    Happy IWSG. I'm #192

  12. A huge Thank you to all that traveled over to send virtual hugs and support. You all rock! I'll look back on this before I hit the publish button, take a deep breath, and take the plunge of a lifetime. For now though, I best go finish those rewrites.

  13. Welcome to the IWSG!
    It is scary sending it out, but what's the worst that could happen? And if you don't send it out, nothing will happen.
    I thought I only had one book in me as well. My third one is now with my critique partners. If I can write more than one, so can you!

  14. I just joined too. My question to you is what if they LOVE it? You won't find out unless you send it out. You can't win if you don't play. I know you can do it. Having a critique group is a very good start. You can totally do this!

  15. The night before my book launched, I was half sick with nerves. People can be cruel and I was scared to death the meanies would rip my baby apart.

  16. Your critique group will help make sure you're on the right path. But in the end, if you have a story you love and need to tell, all you can do is tell it. In the unlikely chance that no one else likes it, at least you'll have learned so much about the process of writing that your next book will be even better.

  17. You've had some fabulous advice here. Hopping over from IWSG to say hello and welcome. :) Have faith in yourself and your writing. Write your heart out, and someone is sure to love it! Betas are awesome, and I agree with someone above, try to use a couple of betas who are not writers, but readers.

  18. Welcome to the group. I think all writers have the same fear as you do, perhaps even after several published books.