Friday, August 30, 2013

Scrivener: Backup in Dropbox

Scrivener is one of the top rated word processing programs out there today. If you have participated in NaNoWriMo, you have probably heard all about it. The good people at Literature & Latte provide a discount for all you WriMo’s who cross the 50k finish line.
Some of the absolute best features of this program are the save features. Scrivener makes sure all those precious words are accounted for by saving automatically every 2 minutes, and when you exit the program it saves a backup file as well.
Any writer will tell you it’s important to have several copies of your writing. I keep one on thumb drive, one on the hard drive, and two on the internet with Dropbox and GDrive.
Setting up Scrivener to automatically send your backup file to your Dropbox file is easy as pie!
First select TOOLS, then OPTIONS, or you could just hit the F12 and it will open the OPTIONS MENU.

Next select BACKUP.

Make sure the “Backup on project close” box is checked, then on Backup Location choose your file.

Dropbox is usually in the folder that contains the Your Pictures, Your Documents, and Your Videos files, and will be named whatever your PC’s name is. Mine is AMcBay, so I would go to that folder, open the dropbox folder, then click select folder.
Click OK, or APPLY in the OPTIONS MENU, and you’re done!
See? Uber easy ;)
A little note, this is for the windows edition, but from what I understand, the Mac version is very similar.
I hope this little tutorial helps keeps your little darlings safe, and if you enjoyed it and want some more Scrivener fun, check out my post on changing Scrivener's appearance at Scrivener: Beauty

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'm not going to lie, it's been a rough few months. The kind that keep you from doing what you love, and the kind that rip at your sanity. The past couple weeks have been particularly hard. I won't be going into detail, because it's my business, and I don't like to air my dirty laundry for all to see, but I will say this, I contemplated giving up writing for good, many times, and I'm so thankful to the people in my life that wouldn't allow that.
As of today, I'm starting fresh.
No more mooping about, no more stressing, and no more giving up on my dreams.
Why the sudden uplift in spirits?
I woke up this morning to a message on my Facebook wall. It was a simple, friendly inquiry about when I would be done with my book, and when they can read book two.
I wanted to cry.
Someone, other than family, has faith in my story! They want more of it.
So you see, I have to finish this story, if only for that one reader that gave me hope when I was ready to quit (again).
As a result, I'll be doing more updates on my WIP's on facebook and twitter, and  I will be doing a weekly update here to let those who care and support me know where I am in my adventures.
I'm looking forward to this new me, and this new attitude.
Now, onward! There are edits to be done, and worlds to create!