Thursday, December 30, 2021

I'm an author!

A lot has happened in the past couple of months since my last post. Something amazing. A new position opened up at my work for LMS author.  I put in for it thinking "What's the worst thing they can tell me? No?"

A month passed and I figured they found someone to fill the position. Then one day I got a message for an interview. They wanted to read some of my writing and to know my hobby. After talking a bit they let me know that yes I'm qualified but they want to look at the seven other applications and will get back to me in a few weeks. I was a little dejected thinking there was no way they would accept a self taught hobby writer.

A few days later I got another message asking for a second interview. With my fingers and toes crossed, I go to the meeting. They basically said they really liked my interview and wanted to hire me for the position.

I was so over the moon happy! Within a week I was transferred from working in the shop to working a desk job. Writing! Sure it's technical writing but it's writing. I am officially being paid to write!

Not only am I being paid to do what I love, but the hours and more relaxed atmosphere has been extremely beneficial for the kids and me. I see them every morning before school and work, and my weekends are guaranteed to be spent home with them! This has even been much easier on my fibro as I'm not having to push through the pain just to make it through my ten-hour shift.

It's been a few weeks into my new position and all I can say is I love it! The greatest thing is, this position is totally new in the company as well so I will be helping to set new standards for how this position operates. I get the opportunity to work hard and finally feel like I'm giving back to the company that saved my little family when we needed it the most.

To think all the heartache and struggle could lead to such a blessing. 

These past couple of years have made me stronger and wiser. Strong enough to take chances and make a better life for myself and my geeklings. Wise enough to know what risks will be beneficial to us.

I'm done surviving. I'm ready to thrive!

The new Amy

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The end.

I’ve been absent this year. Absent from writing, from art, and from many other things that I enjoy. I’ve been healing.

In January of 2020 my husband left me. I won’t go into the drama of it all because I’ve learned it doesn’t matter anymore. It happened. It’s over. It’s time to move on.

Last week was our divorce hearing and we both agreed on everything in a civil manner. It took me a long time to get into court and by then it was obvious there was no fixing us. After court we got as close to closure I think I will ever get. I’ll never really know what happened. Why I wasn’t enough or why I was allowed to be put through so much pain.

That pain. It was like drowning but never-ending.

I struggled a long time with my grief and thankfully wasn’t alone through it. I had family and friends to look in on me when I was at my lowest. I’m thankful for all those who helped me through this life lesson. I learned that I am fine being who I am. I feel a lot. I love a lot. And when I hurt, I hurt a lot. I’m a weirdo, and I’m totally ok with that. Most people can’t handle me but I’ve learned that I can’t allow that to bother me anymore.

The Ex and I have decided to put the past behind us and try and be friends. We have both moved on in relationships and are happy now. Well I hope he is as happy as I am in mine. Michael has been everything I wanted in love! He is the kindest soul I've ever known! I can only hope Daniel finds the same in his new girl.

Sometimes people are too different to make things work, and love is not enough to make it. And that's ok! Things evolve and we live and learn. There are no more hard feelings from me on what happened. I'm even sleeping better!

For the sake of the kids I will do my best to always involve their father in this family.

My wish for the future is a happy co-parenting family where we are all free to be who we are!